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Cheers To A New Year’s Resolution That Will Stick

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New Year Resolution
New Year Resolution

Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2018
By: J.P. Mascaro & Sons
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It’s that time of year again.  We just finished up the season of overindulgence and we are prepared to make extraordinary alterations to our daily routines that are going to change our lives forever!  This is the year we will lose weight, save money, eat healthy, drink less, maybe a career change or a commitment to be nicer to everyone we encounter.  The possibilities are endless with the start of the New Year.

But we all know how this typically ends.  We set unrealistic goals that are too difficult to attain for the long haul.  So what to do?  Let’s pick one and make it simple.  Simplicity is the key to commitment.  So if Joe Schmoe is making it difficult for you to keep your intention to emulate Mother Theresa in 2018, let’s turn our kindness efforts toward the environment. 

It seems everything we do these days has an impact on the environment.  We are constantly being bombarded on ways to do our part to create a greener future for ourselves and the generations to follow.  For example, we are currently being told to “Eat less meat!”  Consuming meat is apparently awful for our planet.  Oh, but then you have to make sure your healthy alternatives aren’t actually harming the environment as well.  This week avocados are bad.  Last week it was almonds.  Wait!  Just grow your own food! You know, with all that extra time on your hands.  Yeah, that’s enough right there to make you want to throw in the towel.  It’s overwhelming to say the least.  And it certainly doesn’t sound like it follows that simplicity method mentioned above.  We may as well go forward with a plan to hit the gym at 5am and to cut out all sugar and alcohol from our diets. 

Instead of letting the stress of trying to save the world cause you to abort the mission entirely, let’s look at some easy but effective ways we can reduce our carbon footprint this year.  Even more incentive is that most of these simple changes should also increase our savings.

We already determined becoming a farmer isn’t in the foreseeable future but that doesn’t mean there aren’t undemanding ways to change our eating habits that will prosper our surroundings.  Try consuming organic and local.  That change alone will increase your sustainability efforts and lesson your carbon footprint.

And nothing decreases your carbon footprint than following the good ol’ slogan, “reduce, reuse and recycle”.  We can’t repeat that enough.  And it’s so easy.   Only buy what you actually need, use what you already have multiple times and recycle.  You don’t even need to separate recyclables these days. Throw them all in one container and call it a day.  Material Recover Facilities, such as TotalRecycle in Birdsboro, Pa, accepts your products in the same load and then use their own cutting-edge technology to do the dividing for us. 

One item great for reusing is the water bottle.  Instead of clenching your thirst from a plastic bottle, indulge in a reusable container.  If you just can’t ditch your plastic, look for recyclable ones and make sure they end up in the correct bin.  That bin being one that heads to a recycling plant rather than a landfill.

While we are discussing plastic, did you know according to Green Living, plastic bags are the second most prevalent form of liter after cigarette butts? Which, by the way, would be another good habit to kick in 2018!  Plastic bags are made of petroleum-based polyethylene and require 12 million barrels of oil to produce each year.  So we’re creating more greenhouse gases, increasing dependency on foreign oil and spending more than $5 million to just throw something away.  Those statistics make it seem pretty ridiculous that we aren’t bringing our own bags when we go shopping.  That, combined with the fact that plastic bags aren’t exactly the sturdiest or easiest way to package our purchases, makes it a no brainer to start using our own bags.  Keep some in the car if you find the primary reason they aren’t already a part of your daily routine is because you can’t remember to grab them on your way out the door!

While you’re out shopping, one thing to eliminate from your grocery list is paper towels.  The harm done to the environment during their production and the amount of waste they produce after is often over looked. We are talking about millions of trees and billions of tons of water.  Not to mention the carbon dioxide emitted into our atmosphere during the manufacturing process and delivery.  All of this just to see 3,000 ton annually find their final resting place filling up landfills.  The good news is this a straightforward fix. Just use less.  When you are out, run your hands under the electronic dryer.  If your only option are paper towels, grab one instead of a bundle.  At home, try reusable cloths whenever you can.  You only have to buy those once so imagine the money you can save while working towards a greener society. 

A final pretty effortless environmentally friendly task is to be mindful of your water usage.  Just taking the step to increase your awareness will likely cause you to cut down.  Don’t keep the water running the entire time you are scrubbing dishes or brushing your teeth.  Run the dishwasher every couple of days instead of every day.  If you have little ones, bathe them together.  Now we are saving time along with money!  And the environment still, of course. 

Who knew that these minor, undemanding lifestyle changes can have such a huge positive impact?  Well now we all do!  So there really is no good excuse not to add these unchallenging modifications to our New Year’s Resolution goals.  This is so simple we may still have to stick to those original ideas to hit the gym before the sun rises, reject chocolate and give up those alcoholic beverages.  Well, maybe…. Better yet, we can toast this time next year to finally fulfilling a New Year’s Resolution! 


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