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The Mascaro Brothers Investment Group (MB Investments) is a diversified real estate investment and management group whose purpose is to acquire, improve, hold and manage business related investment properties and the natural resources they contain.
In its early years, MB Investments viewed land acquisition mostly as an asset purchase and as a hedge against the Mascaro Corporation’s liquid position.  Later, the Group’s view expanded to include land purchases that were directly or indirectly related to Mascaro’s core business, and, more recently, the Group’s view has expanded again to include larger investments related to property purchases as well.
Today, MB Investments oversees thousands of acres and has a unique and diversified portfolio of properties, all of which are owned outright.  MB Investments views its property ownership as a long-term venture with the ultimate goals being the retention of ownership, the enhancement of the Mascaro Corporation business interests, the development of new business interests and the maximization of future revenue unrelated to Mascaro’s core business.

MB Investments offers individuals and corporations the opportunity to rent their available properties.  Available premises are located primarily throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. 

The full potential of the MB Investment properties will be the responsibility of future generations.  In the short term interim, the properties are being managed by our professionals to preserve their desirability, to assist in community open space and recreational efforts and to derive income from residential, commercial and agricultural leases and from the management of natural resources including timber and gas.

 As MB Investments moves forward, we foresee more opportunities for desirable land acquisitions suitable for the continued development and well being of our business equation.

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