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At J.P. Mascaro & Sons, we continually accomplish our goal to be the leader in impeccable environmental policies and procedures for every single one of our facilities.  Our utmost priority is 100% environmental compliance.  99.9% is not acceptable.  This is the cornerstone of our company.  Excellent customer service and superior business practices involves never deviating from this target.  To ensure success on a daily basis, we implemented an environmental management system (EMS). 

The EMS is enforced internally through our Environmental Compliance Department (ECD).  The ECD consists of highly trained professionals who monitor our operations and regularly establish cutting-edge techniques and protocols to enhance our environmental performance.  The function of this department is to identify potential problems and work with our experts to guarantee these problems never come to fruition.  Our innovative management model of “Plan, Do, Check and Act” has been widely successful in upholding the health and safety of our customers, facilities and environment, while aggressively meeting the stringent demands of the Department of Environmental Protection.  The ECD actively surveillance the operations of all J.P. Mascaro & Sons owned and affiliated environmental control and transportation facilities.  We are committed to the preservation of our planet, not only today, but for centuries to come.   We will never be flexible on achieving anything less than 100% environmental compliance. 

The Highlights of the EMS Are:


  • Establishment of corporate environmental policy.
  • Establishment of ten commandments of environmental compliance.
  • Regular compliance inspections at our facilities.
  • Monthly bonuses for 100% compliance to all facility personnel.
  • Creation of facility specific compliance manuals.
  • Regular training and communication with all involved.
  • Participation in Citizens Action Committees.
  • Establishment of 24 hour 7 day Environmental Compliance Hotline.
  • The ECD staff can be reached at 800-222-1818.

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