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Pioneer Crossing Tour
Pioneer Crossing Landfill

J.P.Mascaro & Sons is changing the way you look at landfills.  Protecting the environment is essential to us. Educating the public about solid waste is the key to this goal. J.P. Mascaro & Sons welcomes all ages and community groups to learn about what it means to become 100% environmental compliant, as Mascaro continues to be. We encourage the community to come and learn about protecting the environment through ways never considered.

Schools and youth programs are encouraged to visit the landfill. At Pioneer, Mascaro has developed a fun and interactive educational center in order to promote environmental awareness. The educational center demonstrates the importance of environmental compliance and safety, as well as the significance of recycling.

The guided custom bus tour takes children around the different sections of the landfill where they learn about the techniques constituted for a safe environment. Following the tour, children are welcomed into the education center where they are approached with quizzes and fun games on the information they learned.

Tours have been increasing in popularity with over 50 tours last year. To schedule your tour give us a call at 610-582-2900 or hit contact us. 

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TotalRecycle, Inc 


Don’t sit on the sidelines!  Grab your hard hat and see the recycling process first-hand.  We are currently offering complimentary tours of our state-of-the art, 75,000 sq. ft. Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). We welcome schools sixth grade through college and adult community groups to check us out up close.

The day will begin in our education room where the walls display the MRF process in an entertaining and easy to understand way.  After a brief introduction and PowerPoint display, visitors will suit up and enter the work force.  Here you will see the equipment and staff in action.  You’ll be sure to stir up an appetite after all the excitement so your group will return to the education center for lunch and the opportunity to ask questions and utilize the TV to check out various camera views and zoom into different areas of the equipment. 

Our cutting-edge technology allows for the precise sorting and processing of single-stream recyclable materials.  As the only facility of this magnitude in the area, TotalRecycle is an integral component of recycling success.  Recycling is a vital part of reaching our united goal of a greener future for society and knowledge is key.  Contact us to establish a time to discover this astonishing process for yourself and learn how you can do your part in creating a healthier and safer environment. 

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