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Solid Waste & Recycling Services

Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County PA

Services provided under contract with this municipality are detailed below.

Flexible Plastic Packaging Collection

Flexible packaging is any plastic packaging that is able to flex or wrap such as plastic pouches, wraps, and bags.

Pickup Schedule: Recycle collection will occur one (1) time per week on your service day depending where you live in the Township.

Curbside Trash Collection

J.P. Mascaro & Sons works with both individuals and municipalities to provide safe, prompt and dependable service.

Pickup Schedule: Trash collection will occur twice (2) per week on your service days depending where you live in the Township.

Limitations / Restrictions: If your trash collection day falls on a holiday, it will be skipped until the next collection day. If your recycling collection day falls on one of these holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day July 4th, Labor Day or Thanksgiving),

Other Notes: During the week of Christmas and new years only, All Monday Recycle will be collected on Wednesday’s and yard waste is a triple pick up the second Wednesday of January.

Bulk Item Collection

Furniture, appliances, carpets, tree limbs larger than 3" in diameter but not longer than 36"

Pickup Schedule: Bulk item collection will occur once (1) per month on the second collection day of each month.

Limitations / Restrictions: Appliances that have freon such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, please call before collection to schedule an appointment: 484-518-7026.

Dump Site: November bulk pickup for those with Tues/Fri trash will be Friday, Nov. 25. For those with Mon./Thurs. it will be Thurs. Nov. 17.

Other Notes: Bulk items are household furnishings, bicycles, stoves, washers, etc. If you dispose of old carpets/ rugs, you must cut them up into 3’ or 4’ sections and tie with twine for easy handling.

Single Stream Recycle

Plastic, clear glass, colored glass, aluminum, steel cans, cardboard and paper.

Pickup Schedule: Recycle collection will occur one (1) time per week on your service day depending where you live in the Township.

Limitations / Restrictions: recycling collection will occur the following week as a double collection.

Other Notes: When recycling collection day falls on Christmas and New Year’s Day, recycling will be collected on Wednesday for those two weeks and there will be no yard waste collection during those weeks.

Yard Waste

Leaves, sticks, branches, twigs no more than four feet in length and less than 4" diameter.

Pickup Schedule: Wednesday

Limitations / Restrictions: Yard Waste collection will occur once (1) per week on Wednesdays throughout the Township. There is a ten (10) bag or bundle limit to yard waste.

Holiday Service Exceptions:
Offices and operations are closed on Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Some of our municipal contracts specify other dates that we are not allowed to service, but our offices will be open. In most cases, if you receive twice a week service and one of the above holidays falls on a collection day, you will be serviced on your next scheduled collection day. If you receive once a week service, collection will be moved to the next day.

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