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Friday, May 24, 2024

Pioneer Crossing Landfill, the primary disposal facility for J. P. Mascaro, has announced recent upgrades.  Ryan Inch, Director of Engineering for the company, has disclosed a handful of major additions.  He indicated a new 2,000,000-gallon storage pond was nearing completion at the site.  The pond is a backup facility for the 2,000,000-gallon leachate tanks that exist on the property.  Our company is being proactive in this regard consistent with all our environmental applications at the facility.  Inch also indicated major temporary capping is ongoing at the landfill.  This is a proven approach to maximize efforts regarding odor controls and gas management.  This approach is expensive and not mandated by our permit, but it is the right thing to do to accomplish the best operating results at the landfill.

Inch also mentioned major paving and painting projects are additionally ongoing.  Inch indicated, that the ownership’s approach at the facility is to be committed to being a friend in the community.  We can do this first and foremost by operating a first-class landfill and secondly by being an active participant within the community for worthwhile projects.


Inch also confirmed the site is the major provider of waste disposal services for major industries and municipalities in the region.  He stated that 93% of our waste stream is local.  The facility is a related entity of J. P. Mascaro & Sons a local-based company that utilizes the site for its many long-term contracts.

Pioneer Crossing and Mascaro are nearing completion of a multi-million-dollar new modern motorcycle club park for the well-established and long-standing Pagoda Motorcycle Club, whose existence dates back to 1945.

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