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Monday, December 17, 2012

Local waste company, J. P. Mascaro & Sons, has been the winner of many large waste contracts from municipalities over the years, but its recent award of a five-year, $135 million contract with Morris County, New Jersey is in a different league.

The Morris County contract, one of the largest waste service contracts on the east coast, has been performed by industry giant Waste Management, Inc. for the last 20 years. Starting January 28, 2013, it will now be performed by Mascaro, who was the successful bidder among the eight companies competitively vying for this premium contract.

Under the contract awarded by the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority, Mascaro will be responsible for the operation of two county-owned transfer stations and for the transportation and disposal of all waste delivered to those facilities, which is about 400,000 tons per year.

Company President, Pat Mascaro, said, “This is a blue ribbon contract that many companies desired and that we were fortunate enough to win. Our company has all the infrastructure, equipment and expertise to provide Morris County with the highest quality services and we can’t wait to get started.”

Mascaro added, “This is an extremely gratifying business win for our company. We worked hard to secure the contract award, and the fact that we did is a testament to the quality and caliber of our upper management team and our overall business network.”

To perform the contract, Mascaro is hiring 65 new employees and has purchased 27 new over-the-road trucks and 68 new waste transport trailers, as well as $2 million of “yellow equipment” to operate the county’s two transfer stations. Additionally, the company will be opening two new operational divisions to handle the contract; one in Morris County, New Jersey and the other in Dunmore, Pennsylvania near the Keystone Landfill where the Morris County waste will be disposed. For many years, Mascaro and Keystone have had strong business ties.

“This contract by reason of its size, location and prestige will give our already successful business a tremendous boost, and for years to come it will solidify our northeastern Pennsylvania operations, as well as open the door for many additional business opportunities in central and northern New Jersey,” said Pat Mascaro.

Mascaro added, “With our many existing contracts and customers, with the addition of this Morris County contract and with the planned development and construction of our new single-stream waste recycling center in Berks County adjacent to the company’s Pioneer Crossing Landfill, 2013 looks to be a very busy and productive year for J. P. Mascaro & Sons.”

J. P. Mascaro & Sons, founded and headquartered in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is one of the largest privately owned waste service companies in the country and is an industry leader. For more information about the company, its facilities and services, visit its website at

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