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Monday, October 2, 2017

September 28, 2017

Dear JP Mascaro and Sons,


On behalf of the Morris County MUA, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to one of your employees, Keil Klaver who is one of the machine operators at our Mt. Olive Transfer Station for his heroism in saving our building. Mr. Klaver is not only a Mt. Olive employee, but also on the Budd Lake Fire Department. In the early hours of this morning, the Mt. Olive Transfer Station fire alarms went off, first for an activated water flow alarm at 12:44am. The local Mt. Olive police answered and confirmed the call and reported heavy smoke coming from the inside of the building. I received the call around 1:00 am and quickly headed to the transfer station. While in route Mr. Klaver had called me to inform me that there was a fire call at work and he was heading in to help fight the fire. I thanked him and informed him that I was already in route and would see him there.

              Upon my arrival, I could identify two fire companies, Flanders and Budd Lake. I identified myself to the police officers who were in charge of keeping non-emergent personnel out. The officers told me to report to incident command where the Fire Chief and a sergeant of the police department was stationed. I was quickly briefed of the operation and informed that one of the employees from the station was on scene. The fire was in a trailer and down in the tunnel where we load the trailers for shipment of trash to the landfill. There was also another truck that was in the tunnel, blocking the trailer that was on fire.

              Mr. Klaver jumped into the first truck and moved it out of the way and  then went back into the tunnel and drove the trailer on fire out of the building, saving the building from any damage. The fire department had their ladder truck set up in place where Mr. Klaver stopped and they sprayed water onto the trailer from above. Keil then got into the excavator and opened the back door on the trailer with it and extracted the smoldering, smoking trash and spread it out in the parking lot for the fire department to spray foam on it.

              It is my belief that, without Mr. Klaver being a J.P. Mascaro employee,  the MUA would have suffered a tremendous amount of property damage due to the trailer not being able to get out of the tunnel. I would like to thank your company again for hiring such a hero like Mr. Klaver is.



Michael Rathbun,

Transfer Station Operation Manager, MCMUA     

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