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Monday, December 16, 2019

Local waste service company J. P.  Mascaro & Sons, a solid waste industry leader in this regional area, continues to grow its business in the municipal sector.  Recently, Mascaro was awarded approximately $2.5 million in competitively bid municipal waste collection and recycling contracts to serve the residents of the Boroughs of Royersford, Bridgeport and Mount Penn.

Company President, Pat Mascaro, said, "Our company has been extremely successful in being awarded these new contracts because we own and operate our own DEP-permitted transfer stations, landfills and recycling facilities; because we have unmatched experience in providing required public sector waste services; because we have a modern fleet of collection and transportation vehicles and equipment; and because we have highly qualified and dedicated management and employees.  This winning combination enables our company to be successful on a large number of our bids and to provide municipalities and other public sector customers with the highest quality service at a reasonable cost."

Two of the municipalities, Royersford and Bridgeport, are located in Montgomery County and will be serviced out of Mascaro's Great Valley Division, while Mount Penn Borough, located in Berks County, will be serviced by Mascaro's Berks Division.

J. P. Mascaro & Sons is a privately-owned, family operated waste service company headquartered in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; it has over 50 years of experience in performing municipal contracts; it owns and operates collection divisions, landfills, recycling facilities, transfer stations and composting facilities in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region; and it is recognized as a premier provider of waste collection and recycling services for municipalities in the Southeastern and Northeastern Pennsylvania regional areas. 

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