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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Residents now have the unique opportunity to dispose of their recyclables.  Local waste and recycling company, J.P. Mascaro & Sons, have built a 10,000 sg. ft. building to accompany their newest material recovery facility (MRF), TotalRecycle.  This building is home to a Public-Drop off center that allows residents to discard their recyclables in a reliable, safe and easily assessable location. 

“Working toward a green future is a serious goal at Mascaro.  And we’ve found that our customers share this point of view,” TotalRecycle director, J.P. Mascaro Sr. explained, “We repeatedly heard how sometimes it was difficult to recycle because our customers weren’t sure what to do with certain items.  We wanted to solve this problem and that’s what we did by building this facility.”

Mascaro’s Drop-Off center is open to residents and will accept all recyclable materials, even those items that are commonly difficult to find homes for.  These items include e-waste, household consumer batteries, computers and televisions.  More commonly known items accepted are mixed paper, cardboard, cartons, glass, plastic #1-#7, ferrous metal, scrap metal, aluminum, copper and brass. 

Located in Berk’s County, TotalRecycle is home to the area’s largest recycling center and has processed over 100 million recyclable materials in just its first year of operation.   The community is welcome to enter the main driveway off of 1270 Lincoln St in Birdsboro and follow signs to the location spot.  This is where a TotalRecycle representative will greet each person and walk them through the process.  Current operating hours are Thursday and Friday from 12pm-5pm and Saturday from 7am- noon.  For more information on J.P. Mascaro and Sons and its affiliated entities please visit

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