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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Regarding Temporary Suspension of Yard Waste Collections:

Monday, June 8, 2020
LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Regarding Temporary Suspension of Yard Waste Collections:

Recently our company was forced to temporarily suspend yard waste collections from a handful of our communities in the Philadelphia surrounding counties.  This action was mandated by sudden events outside of our control.  The recent protests in the City of Philadelphia eliminated public transportation within the City and outside to the suburbs.  This reality prohibited approximately 100 workers who reside in the City of Philadelphia and take public transportation to our depot in Bridgeport from reporting to work.  Additionally, curfews were established that impacted our crews to be outside of their residences.

Our company has prided itself during the COVID-19 crisis to be one of the few major participants in the waste industry not to alter its collection schedule and practices despite  the significantly increased waste volumes as a result of people being forced to stay at home.  Many of our competitors have altered yard waste, bulk waste and recycling collections to focus on the primary area of concern, household waste.

J. P. Mascaro & Sons has always prided itself on providing service levels in excess of its specified contract obligations.  The temporary suspension of yard waste collections during the week of June 1st was outside of our control due to no advance notice of the transportation shutdown and curfew issues.

We value our long-term relationships with our communities and want you to be precisely aware of the reasons for the temporary suspension of yard waste collection in a few of the communities our company serves. 

As of this writing despite incredible waste volumes, all of our collection programs are on schedule.


Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts in this regard.


Pasquale N. Mascaro


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