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Monday, December 18, 2017

J. P. Mascaro & Sons’ recently-opened TotalRecycle facility in Exeter Township, Berks County, is now leading the way in regional recycling.

Since the enactment of Act 101 in 1988, which mandated recycling for many municipalities and established statewide recycling goals, the recycling of residential and commercial solid waste has grown significantly, and local waste service company, J. P. Mascaro & Sons, has kept pace with that growth.

Mascaro has been recycling waste since the 1980s, and while recycling in the early years was not a significant part of the waste management equation, today it definitely is.

Mascaro recycles waste at its company-owned and operated Lehigh Valley Recycling, Wyoming Valley Recycling and Great Valley Recycling facilities, and, most recently, at its ultra-modern 85,000 sq. ft. fully-automated single stream recycling facility, TotalRecycle, in Berks County.

With its advanced automated recycling technology, TotalRecycle produces “High Quality” end-use recyclables for which there is large demand.  Opened in 2016, TotalRecycle processed over 1 million pounds of recyclables in its first year, and 60% more than that in 2017.

The list of Pennsylvania municipalities whose recyclables are processed and marketed by TotalRecycle has grown significantly, and the facility itself has received industry recognition for its advanced technology and “High Quality” end-use recyclables for marketing.

In March 2017, TotalRecycle was named “Material Recovery Facility [MRF] of the Month” by, and in September 2017, TotalRecycle was featured on the cover of the United Kingdom CIWM Journal, a news and resource publication for waste professionals, and in an accompanying article titled “Inside the Mega MRF.”

TotalRecycle is managed by Joseph P. Mascaro, the son of company President, Pat Mascaro, and today he operates a single stream recycling facility that is the envy of the industry.  Speaking to that operation, Pat Mascaro said, “I am proud of what my son, Joseph, has been able to accomplish at TotalRecycle, not the least of which is the establishment of a dedicated 40-person facility operational team that takes great pride in its work, in the ‘High Quality’ end-use recyclables it produces for marketing, and in the environmental benefits that come from the operation of the TotalRecycle facility.”

For more information about the TotalRecycle facility and about the J. P. Mascaro & Sons company, its facilities, services and sustainability commitment, visit the company website at

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