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Thursday, September 7, 2023

The Pioneer Crossing Landfill, a J. P. Mascaro & Sons affiliated facility, received a new ten-year municipal waste landfill permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on August 4, 2023.  

Pioneer Crossing, in Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, is permitted to receive both municipal and residual waste, as well as sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants.

In 2001, Pioneer Crossing was among the first Pennsylvania landfills to pass DEP’s stringent regulatory “Harms-Benefits Test” which requires an applicant to establish that the benefits of its landfill project clearly outweigh any known or potential harms from the project.  Pioneer Crossing met that burden.

Mascaro’s Pioneer Crossing Landfill provides essential disposal services to many regional area municipalities, businesses, industries and institutions; it is centrally located near major transportation arteries, it is managed by registered professional engineers; it has a demonstrated history of environmental compliance; it donates hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through its charitable contribution program; and it provides significant unencumbered annual fee income to both Exeter Township and the Borough of Birdsboro.

Speaking to the new ten-year permit, Mascaro Company President, Pat Mascaro, said, “Pioneer Crossing is an integral part of our company’s business infrastructure, and it enables us, on a long-term basis, to provide the highest quality services for our customers and for third party users of the landfill.”

“In today’s volatile waste industry, environmentally sound, long-term disposal is a critical component of the modern solid waste equation, and with the issuance of Pioneer Crossing’s new ten-year DEP permit, Mascaro is uniquely situated to provide this critical service to its many existing and future customers for years to come,” said Mascaro.

Mascaro added that, “Within its current permitted area, Pioneer Crossing has more than 10 years of disposal capacity remaining, and expansion opportunities in the near future will assure our customers of environmentally sound disposal options for approximately 50 years.”

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