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Wednesday, March 25, 2020


We are emphasizing personal hygiene precautions

   • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

   • Utilize alcohol-based hand sanitizers 

   • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, or mouth

   • Avoid unnecessary contact, such as handshakes, and practice social distancing

   • Avoid close contact with people who are sick 

   • Avoid large group gatherings

We have posted signage in our facilities regarding these personal precautions

We are having our facilities professional cleaned

We are disinfecting common surfaces on an ongoing basis

We have assigned employees to disinfect common or communal surfaces on an ongoing basis.  These include, but are not  limited to, the following:  doorknobs; push/pulls on bathroom doors; sinks; toilets; railings and handrails; tables and chairs in  common areas; countertops; refrigerator handles; vending machine buttons; truck cabs and door handles; toolboxes, etc. 

Our facilities are all open for our customers and while we are deploying proper safety measures to protect the health of our employees and customers, we are limiting outside visitors to our facilities as much as possible

We are limiting our driver and helper interactions with our customers and we are providing lunch to our drivers and helpers

Our hope is this will reduce “contacts” during the day, provide extra economic assistance to our employees, and hopefully,  provide some aid to local businesses as well.

We are providing our drivers and helpers with hand sanitizer to use throughout the day

We are prohibiting the touching of common surfaces with work gloves

We are encouraging all employees to immediately notify their supervisors if they or members of their households are sick

We have enacted conservative protocols governing sending sick employees’ home, and their return to work

All employees are directed not to come to work if they are sick, and to contact their doctor. 

Any employees who describe having symptoms of the virus, have tested positive for the virus, or had close contact with an  infected person, are required to follow their doctor’s medical advice and obtain medical clearance before permitting their return  to work.

We have prohibited in-person group meetings of over five people   

We have suspended all traditional division-wide (large group) meetings until further notice. 

We have prohibited employees from congregating in break areas before or after shifts.

We have split our lunch breaks into small groups in separate areas throughout the facilities.

We are having employees work from home where possible

We are conscious of our employees who may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 complications

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