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Letter from the President

Friday, February 9, 2018
Letter from the President

Message to all Employees: Collection of Recyclables

Dear Employees:

Our company is committed to sustainability.  We have a tremendous investment in our company recycling facilities, composting facilities and best-practice sanitary landfills, and in the employee professionals who manage them.  These modern facilities, and particularly the cutting edge automated sorting equipment and systems in our newest recycling facility, put us in the forefront of the “sustainability equation.” 

Recently, an isolated situation occurred that is of serious concern to me as company President.  During a weekly municipal contract collection, one of our employees was observed by municipal officials putting recyclables into a truck that was collecting trash.  This conduct was contrary to both company policy and contract requirements, and the responsible individual was fired.

I understand fully that the manner in which some residents package and place trash and recyclables at the curb for collection often makes it difficult for our collectors to determine recyclables from trash.  Despite this reality, recyclables should not and cannot be mixed with trash.

Going forward, if you are faced with a collection situation relating to “recyclables vs. trash” that you are not certain how to handle, you should notify your dispatcher or manager, who will advise you of the proper action to take.

The bottom line is that employees of J. P. Mascaro & Sons are not to mix trash and recyclables.  This is company policy and all employees are expected to abide by it.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.

Pasquale N. Mascaro 


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