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“I would like to thank your guys who work here in the Feasterville area. I had just had both hips replaced and was outside trying to pick up a box from UPS when one of your guys calls over, "Hold on, I'll get that for you". Talk about a great help, he came over, helped me back into the house and then brought the box in for me. The thing is this isn't out of the norm for your guys, they are always going above and beyond for people. I have an elderly 90-year-old neighbor across the street who cant set out or retrieve her trash cans. If her can isn't out your guys go up and check it and if it needs emptied they take care of it. And if it is out they always make sure that they put it back up at her place where she keeps it. I dont know what your hiring process is or what your training process is but it works. You guys are the best! Keep up the great work, we truly appreciate every one of you. Richard H Myers” ~ Richard H Myers
“I'm a driver in Pottsville.Thursday November 15th coming back from the landfill the snow came down so hard and fast the road was a mess.After being clipped in the rear by a tractor trailer my ruck was towed to a gas station,i said to the helper we will have to sleep in the truck tonight.Then received a call from Chris Emore saying he was coming to get us.Chris pick us up and got my helper and myself home.I found out later that his best friend died that morning.No words can describe the Thanks I have for this.” ~ Frank Ryan
“I just want to let you know that that workers who pick up my trash are wonderful respectful men. I am a senior widow. I was outside shoveling snow. Your men were picking up the trash and saw me. They came over to me and said that it was too cold for me to be shoveling. They shoveled the rest of my driveway out for me. They were wonderful. Thank you to them. Their kindness was most Appreciated.” ~ Louise
“Thank you for making your large item (piano) pickup so easy. We thought that we would have to pay extra or some other company to pick it up. This service is a valuable part of the service that you provide. Happy Holidays !!!” ~ Pat and Janet

Just wanted to you to extend my thanks and appreciation to the two men who helped me retrieve my cell phone yesterday.  The men had Truck 208 and we met at Villa Joseph Marie High School, Holland Road, Holland, PA

They truly went above and beyond expectations. In my effort to retrieve the phone, they corresponded with my family members via their own cell phone.  They even arranged for a contact point on their route at which I could pick up the phone.

Please extend my thanks to the two men.  They are truly an asset to your company and to the community.



~ Carl Schultz
A SPECIAL THANK YOU to JP Mascaro for hearing our complaints and to Mr. Mike Flynn the Supervisor for Mascaro. Mr Flynn and his crew made our alley "SPIC AND SPAN" AGAIN !

Also a special thanks to the members of Norristown Council - two that we know of; Derrick Perry Sr. and Ms. Sonya for their assistance in this matter. The TRASH was really beginning to "take on a life" of it's own, and was drawing LARGE FLIES (like bird size) to the area. We HATE to have to HARRANGUE like this BUT - it is aggravating as HELL when a FEW who take no pride in their work, make it terrible for us to live, and also make more work for HARD WORKERS like MIKE FLYNN and his Crew, and neighbors like me who go out and pick up the debris left behind by EVERYONE ! Again - Thank you all !

~ Wally Harris, Norristoen

I was riding down S. Park Avenue near Appledale behind one of your trucks and I just had to call because I've never seen two guys hustle like these guys were.  I would hire them in a minute. I didn't have a problem waiting for them to pick up trash even across the street because they were working so hard, so fast as to not hold up the traffic.

~ Kyle Burns
“I just have to say thank you!   My van was stuck in the snow/ice and two of your employees (Josh and Yaya) stopped and helped me get out... I was sitting here for an hour and everyone drove by but they stopped and helped me.  It took all of 5 minutes but I wanted to let you know it was so nice of them. I hope I don't get anyone in trouble by telling you they stopped to help me but I would like to give your company a big thank you!” ~ Stephanie Burke, Warminster
“My car was stuck in the snow on Bustleton Pike and no one was helping me.  Then your truck came by, stopped, made sure traffic was clear and then your men proceeded to push me and my car out of the snow.  I was so very grateful!” ~ Pat Wilkie

Hi this is Carolyn.  I am Nicholas's Mom. I just want to thank you and your company for coming out for Nick. You made his day so special!!! He wore to School today His sweatshirt, hat and T shirt. He just loves loves all his gifts and could not wait to tell everyone he sees what happened!


You have no idea the impact you have made on Nick. He is over the top proud to wear your company's jacket and he also loved operating the garbage truck.


Thank you thank you! so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to see Nick. I wish there were more companies like you that would take the time for Children with Special Needs and whom have Autism. It makes a difference!


~ Carolyn A.

As a parent of a son with autism, I want to thank you for going out of your way to make a lasting impression not only for that little boy, but on the families who have children who don't have the benefit of going to baseball games, having friends who come and ask them to go out bike riding, sledding, to play tag , and all the other things that children do.  My son is 21 and still loves to watch the trash get picked up.  Our trash guys also took the time to let my son throw  our trash in and my son never forgot that gesture.  Thanks again.


~ Ann Dee Morris, Tamaqua


I enjoy doing business with you and your team, if there is an issue—it gets cleared up immediately.  And there are very few issues compared to our experience with other companies in the past.  You make this essential service easy and pleasant.  Thank you.

Wishing you and the group at Mascaro, a very happy, healthy, & prosperous 2017!


~ Mori Lee Catania Property Manager Indian Creek Foundation

Hello!  Today around 12:45 PM, when I went to take my dog to the yard to do her  business, I noticed my neighbor's recyclables were all over the place. It appeared as though someone may have kicked or tossed my neighbor’s recycling bin. All recyclables were strewn across the street and into the yard of the neighbor across the street. There was broken glass in the road as a result and it was causing some trouble for drivers. I grabbed the recycling bin from across the street and brought it back to my neighbor’s house. I was trying to figure out how to gather everything (with 2 little ones unattended inside my house) and the J.P. Mascaro truck showed up to pick up recycling. The person driving the truck pulled over, got out, and immediately started to collect all the recyclables in the road. I wanted to commend the person for doing so. .As a resident, I appreciate him going the extra mile to ensure our neighborhood is clean and our street safe for drivers. Just wanted to share!

Thank you for all you do...


~ Shana Baumgartner Emmaus, Pa

I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job the crew did in my neighborhood yesterday. (I live in South Whitehall.) In the morning, there was a very heavy windstorm. I went to do an errand and saw that all the recycling toters, which had not yet been collected, had blown over on the streets that I drove on to exit the neighborhood. A lot of paper, etc. was strewn about. When I came back, I followed a Mascaro truck. The crew was emptying the containers by hand, but more than that, they were also picking up the loose contents. Later, when I went again, I saw that all the containers were neatly lined up at the curbs, and the neighborhood looked beautiful. This excellent service is MUCH appreciated.

~ Lucy Horton
“I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job the crew did in my neighborhood yesterday. (I live in South Whitehall.) In the morning, there was a very heavy windstorm. I went to do an errand and saw that all the recycling toters, which had not yet been collected, had blown over on the streets that I drove on to exit the neighborhood. A lot of paper, etc. was strewn about. When I came back, I followed a Mascaro truck. The crew was emptying the containers by hand, but more than that, they were also picking up the loose contents. Later, when I went again, I saw that all the containers were neatly lined up at the curbs, and the neighborhood looked beautiful. This excellent service is MUCH appreciated.” ~ Lucy Horton
“The Driver and the pick up man YaYa do exceptional work.  They are a credit to your organization.  There were 2 pickup employees on our route previously.  YaYa has been going 2 people's work and handles the job professionally.  He is an ASSET to JP Mascaro.” ~ Bob Fedirko, Warminster
“Clarence Alexander, Robert Gaines and Ray Woods always have a great attitude.  They pick up all the trash and return the cans in a very neat and orderly fashion.” ~ Satisfied customer at 600 Caroline Dr, Norristown
“One of your trucks was doing a pick up on Park Ave and my son was getting out of the car. He loves trash trucks.. obsessed. He stood and yelled "Hi!" to the guys on the truck and one of the guys on the truck waved back. Honestly I don't even know how he saw him because they were down a hill, but he literally made my son's day. Just wanted to say thank you and maybe that could trickle down to who ever that man was. Just wanted someone to know that even a little wave could make someone so happy, So thank you."” ~ Happy Parent in Warminster

"I wanted to drop you a note of appreciation.  Our Operations and Maintenance staff have been very pleased and satisfied with your fine company’s level of service and responsiveness thus far.  You guys are real pros and a class act.  Please also pass on our comments and thanks with your logistics and scheduling staff.  It has been a real pleasure so far working with your company compared to our previous service provider.


Thanks again and keep up the great work and follow-up."



~ James Trivelis Senior Executive Vice-President ORIGINAL PHILLY CHEESESTEAK CO. 520 East Hunting Park Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19124
“I just wanted to send you a little note on your collection on my street.  You guys do a great job.  Very efficient.  Their attire and vehicle appearance is what is needed...So those 3 guys who pick up my trash. Thank You.  You are going a great job!” ~ Happy customer in Pottstown
“I would like to thank you and your family for the very generous bonus you gave to me and my family. I will continue to work hard and instill in our workers the safety standards and practices to ensure the companies success. Thanks again. Merry Christmas.” ~ Michael Flynn
“I am Scott Keating route supervisor at the Bridgeport Division. I wanted to take this time to introduce myself and also thank you for the generous bonus. I hope to meet you gentleman soon and wanted to wish you and your families a merry Christmas.” ~ Scott Keating
“I just wanted to take this time to thank you, and the Mascaro family, for all that you have done, for me and my family. I’m very grateful to work for a company that treats their employees like family. I look forward to providing great service to our customers in the coming years. Happy holidays!” ~ Wilbert Fletcher
“I am writing to recommend the services of the JP Mascaro & Sons Service. Kalahari has been using JP Mascaro & Sons for over a year, and have been completely satisfied. Our Salesman, Armondo is top notch in his service he provides to Kalahari Resorts. JP Mascaro does excellent job, they are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates in the area. I'm happy to recommend the services of JP Mascaro & Sons. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.” ~ Hugh Schavier, Corporate Facilities Director
Upper Southampton Township is a member of the Southwest Bucks Solid Waste Consortium (SWBSWC). Together with Lower Southampton Township and Northampton Township we have over 24,000 homes that are serviced through a bonded municipal contract. Solid Waste Services d/b/a J.P. Mascaro & Sons has been the lowest responsible bidder on the last four (4) bids dating back to 1998. Mascaro has provided excellent solid waste and single stream recycling service. The company utilizes late model equipment and consistent, experienced and courteous work crews. Collections are clean and orderly. The company also provides a route supervisor that is in the community on collection days. This supervisor interacts with our staff to make certain that all calls are handled before the trucks leave our townships. In summation, we are very pleased with J.P. Mascaro & Sons and would recommend them to any community that requires clean consistent sanitation service.” ~ Joseph W. Golden, Township Manager
“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the City of Carbondale can provide a letter of reference for J.P. Mascaro and Sons. The City of Carbondale has a long and productive relationship with the Mascaro Family. Looking back over the past twenty years, Mascaro and Sons has served the City for seventeen of those years....always submitting the lowest bid and providing the highest quality of service to our residents. In addition, Mascaro and Sons has been a true community partner by assisting in projects and lending a hand when we are in need. The tag line "If it's service, it's us" truly defines who Mascaro is in the world of municipal operations. Daily we receive outstanding service from all departments; from management down to staff on the streets. Mascaro and Sons always exceeds our expectations in serving our residents.” ~ Michelle M. Bannon, City Clerk
“Solid Waste Services, Inc. d/b/a J.P. Mascaro & Sons has been the recycling contractor for Hellertown Borough for our past three contracts periods. They have now serviced our community for nearly eight years. They utilize late model equipment with crews who are dependable, reliable and careful with the handling and placement of containers. The work is supervised and concerns are promptly addressed. We would recommend this company to any community that requires such services.” ~ Cathy Hartranft, Borough Manager
Lower Pottsgrove Township has a municipal contract with J.P. Mascaro & Sons for its waste collection and recycling services. In 2012, the company was awarded another multiple year contract. We have found their service to be timely and consistent. If any issues arise, their management has been prompt and professional in their response to resolve them. We have been very satisfied with Mascaro and we would recommend them to any municipality.” ~ Edward C. Wagner, Manager
Philadelphia University takes great pride in our campus and overall appearance. It has been written by many, that our campus is a park like setting in the City. We pride ourselves on selecting and working with vendors that can deliver effective services. To meet this objective, we are careful about whom we use for our waste removal and recycling services on our campus. Some of the requirements that our contractors must meet are to service our campus consistently during the early morning hours, keep the appearance of their equipment in a like new condition, continuously offer program upgrades to meet the ever expanding recycling requirements and to provide a high level of customer service for both daily and extraordinary needs. This must all be accomplished at a competitive cost. For many years, our provider of choice for campus waste and recycling has been J.P. Mascaro and Sons. They have continuously met our needs, as outlined, and have partnered with Philadelphia University to maintain an excellent overall program of collection, disposal and recycling. We highly recommend J.P. Mascaro and Sons to any institution or company that requires such services.” ~ Richard Waligora CEFP, Director of Physical Plant
“J.P. Mascaro & Son has done an excellent job removing waste from our continuing care retirement community (Fellowship Community). The crew is prompt on pick-up times and leaves the area neat and clean. They have served our community of nearly 500 residents and 350 staff members well. I would highly recommend the company to anyone who is seeking professional waste removal.” ~ Richard Moyer, Assistant Director of Engineering/Facilities
“United Corrstack is a leader in the manufacturing of corrugated paper for the packaging industry. We operate on a demanding schedule of 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Our vendors and suppliers are stakeholders in our business. We expect the same commitment from them, as we do from ourselves. J.P. Mascaro & Sons has been the solid waste disposal provider for United Corrstack for several years. In this capacity they manage environmental documentation and solid waste disposal for the site. J.P. Mascaro & Sons consistently manages waste removal so that it is transparent to our process. In the rare case when an issue arises, it is corrected quickly, in a professional manner.” ~ Art McLaughlin, General Manager
“We are very pleased with the on-time pick schedule, cleanliness of trucks and the cooperation of Mascaro’s management team. The Fairways at Brookside Condominiums located in Lower Macungie Township is a condominium complex consisting of 594 units. Since May of 2015, J. P. Mascaro & Sons, has been contracted as our trash and recycling contractor covering twice a week pick ups.” ~ Thomas J. Amant, Manager

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