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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thanks to a local waste and recycling company, a Lower Providence elementary school is experiencing fruits from all over the world.  Inspired by Shania Twain, J.P. Mascaro & Sons initiated a complimentary “Fruit for Kids” program for local students.  “I really wanted that apple,” Twain wrote in her autobiography referring to barely touched fruit left behind by classmates in their lunches.  Too proud to pull these items from the trash, Twain and her siblings often went without this essential nutrient due to its expense.  Twain’s desire touched Susan Lee Mascaro so intensely that she partnered with J.P. Mascaro & Sons to create “Fruit for Kids” and incorporated it into an area school district she felt would benefit from this idea.  Mascaro donates a different fruit each month to Eagleville Elementary School for the children to enjoy on a daily basis free of charge. 

The cafeteria manager quickly saw how much the students loved the fruit stand, “There are some students that don’t get to have fresh fruit at home.  I gave a child a clementine and he didn’t know what to do with it.  I had to show him how to peel it,” she explained.

The children loved the fruit and the cafeteria staff embraced the idea.  What started as a free fruit program quickly escalated into an educational experience. Apples, bananas and oranges turned into apricots, kiwis and coconuts. 

“Having the fruit stand is a treat for our students.  It’s wonderful to see them enjoying fresh fruit. In addition to the stand, we are able to include three pieces of fruit in the snack backpacks each Friday.  Our students are able to have the fruit to take home for the weekend.  One child asked me if we could get kiwis.  She says she always looks forward to seeing what fruit is in the bag. Sometimes I have to look up the exotic fruits that I have never tried, like dragon fruit, rambutan, and ugli fruit so I can give the students a description.  We are very fortunate to have this healthy gift of fruit at Eagleville Elementary,” the school counselor praised.


Thanks to J.P. Mascaro & Sons, all students at Eagleville Elementary, regardless of their financial background, are now learning about and enjoying good nutrition while experiencing foods they may not have had the opportunity to otherwise. 


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