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Where Does The Plastic You Recycle Actually Get Used?

Posted on Monday, March 14, 2016
By: J.P. Mascaro & Sons
Categories: Recycling

According to the last EPA report, Americans generated 33 million tons of plastics in 2013, but recycled only nine percent of that. The rest ends up in landfills where it may take up to 1,000 years to decompose, and potentially leak pollutants into the soil and water. Beyond that, it’s estimated that as much as 100 million tons of plastic debris is floating in the world’s oceans,...

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Tagged:Green, Recycle, Recycling, Education, Sustainability, Landfills, Environment, Evironmental Responsibility, Plastic Bottles

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Diminishing Your Energy Consumption

Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2016
By: J.P. Mascaro & Sons
Categories: Main Category

Saving energy does not require a lot of money or time. It simply requires knowledge, commitment, a plan and action.By acknowledging and capturing the energy inefficiencies that you create or ignore on a daily basis, you can radically reduce your energy bills, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by power plants, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. While new technologies...

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Tagged:Green, Recycle, Recycling, Education, Sustainability, Environment, Evironmental Responsibility, Earth, Planet, Carbon Footprint, Energy Consumption

Interesting and Amusing Facts about El Niño 2015-2016 and Our Responsibilities

Posted on Wednesday, February 03, 2016
By: J.P. Mascaro & Sons
Categories: Main Category

Some fascinating, mystifying, and amusing facts about the El Niño weather cycle phenomenon and why we should pay attention“Seems it never rains in southern California”, pined Albert Hammond in his 1972 Billboard chart topper. Perhaps coincidentally, 1972 was a La Niña weather-pattern year, the coin-flip antithesis of the intense El Niño pattern that we are...

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Tagged:Green, Recycle, Recycling, Sustainability, Environment, Compost, Composting, Evironmental Responsibility, Weather, Global Warming, Earth, Planet

Why the Blazing “Landfill-Free” Myth is Choking Our Environment

Posted on Saturday, January 09, 2016
By: J.P. Mascaro & Sons
Categories: Main Category  |  Recycling

You may have been lead to believe that solid-waste incineration is a “landfill-free” solution, but the facts burn far brighter!Contrary to what you may have been told, incineration is far from being a “landfill-free” solid-waste disposal option of choice. Did you know that approximately 25% of the waste delivered to incinerators winds up in a landfill? That’s a...

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Tagged:Green, Recycle, Recycling, Education, Sustainability, Landfill-Free, Incineration, Landfills, Environment, Solid Waste, Trash, Garbage

Make This Back To School Season Eco-Friendly

Posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2015
By: J.P. Mascaro
Categories: Recycling

Each year, parents across the country dedicate to sending their children back to school with the latest and greatest - a new trendy backpack, shiny, crisp notebooks, a fresh box of unsharpened pencils. This season, hold on to the green rules you already know: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Wherever possible, reuse what you already have. Invest in the backpack you know will last, and...

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Tagged:Green, Recycle, Recycling, Education, School, Sustainability, Environment, Kids, Green Schools, blue bins

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