Pioneer Crossing Landfill

Pioneer Crossing Landfill

727 Red Lane Road
Birdsboro, PA 19508


Operating Hours:

6 AM To 3 PM Mon.-Fri.
6 AM To 11:00 AM Sat.
Receiving hours may vary, please check!
Permit # 100346

Pioneer Crossing Landfill

If you have a complaint, concern or wish to report an emergency situation, call: 800-431-3336, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
You will hear a recorded message with instructions. Leave a message. This will trigger a pager. The duty person will then return your call and respond as needed.

In Pennsylvania, a Mascaro-related entity owns and operates the Pioneer Crossing Landfill in Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Pioneer Crossing is Mascaro’s primary disposal facility. Permitted for 1,975 tons per day, Pioneer Crossing has a Host Community Agreement with Exeter Township and received a major expansion permit from DEP in May, 2002. To receive this expansion permit, Pioneer Crossing, under DEP’s new Harms/Benefits Analysis, was required to demonstrate that the benefits of its expansion project clearly outweigh any known or potential harms from the project.

Pioneer Crossing met this difficult regulatory burden and the expansion permit it received gives Mascaro about 20 years of additional disposal capacity for its customers in the private, municipal, governmental, commercial and industrial sectors.

We Accept

• Autoclaved Medical Waste
• Construction Waste
• Debris
• Demolition Waste
• Garbage
• Household Waste
• Industrial Waste
• Municipal Sludge
• Municipal Solid Waste

We offer these Advantages

• Four lane highway access to Reading-Philadelphia corridor.
• Fast weigh and unload.
• Automatic truck wash
• Host community agreement with the local municipality.
• Designed and constructed in excess of applicable laws.
• Long-term capacity: 25 years projected life.
• Fully insured and bonded.
• Professional engineer on site.
• In-house testing and compliance reporting.
• In-house transportation capability.
• Cost-effective long-term contract capability.


White Goods Disposal

Every Saturday from 7am to 11:00AM, the Pioneer Crossing Landfill offers disposal of "white goods" for residents of Exeter, Robeson, and Union Townships and Birdsboro Borough.  White goods are appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.  The appliances must be dropped off at the landfill.  You must bring ID, and any appliance containing freon must have a sticker certifying they are now freon-free.  For more information, please call 610-582-2900.