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Monday, April 4, 2016

Lackawanna Transport Company, a J. P. Mascaro & Sons related entity and the owner and permittee of the Wetzel County Landfill in West Virginia’s northern panhandle region, serves customers in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Armed with a new DEP landfill permit, with recent West Virginia Public Service Commission approval for a dedicated disposal cell for Marcellus Shale drilling waste, and with the facility being located in the heart of the West Virginia-Pennsylvania-Ohio Marcellus/Utica Shale gas-producing region where economic disposal of drilling waste is critical to the gas industry, the future of the Wetzel County Landfill as a regional area disposal option is bright, and it is well-positioned to provide residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and Marcellus Shale drilling waste disposal services well into the next century.

Leading the disposal industry 25 years ago by permitting and developing its landfill with a double synthetic protective liner system when West Virginia DEP regulations only required a single synthetic liner system, the Wetzel County Landfill today is again an industry leader in providing the most comprehensive drilling waste processing and disposal options for the growing regional gas industry.

Company President, Pat Mascaro, said, “As a DEP-permitted landfill, we have for more than a quarter century provided area residential, commercial and industrial customers with economic and environmentally sound disposal options, and that will always be a primary focus for our facility.But now, with the tremendous growth of the Marcellus Shale industry in the West Virginia panhandle regional area, with recent legislative changes, and with regulatory approval that allows the Wetzel County Landfill to operate a dedicated disposal cell for drilling waste without a tonnage limitation, we have been and will in the future be a primary facility for drilling waste processing and disposal.”

Managed by a registered professional engineer with years of experience in the landfill industry, operated by dedicated local employees, and strategically located near major transportation corridors, the Wetzel County Landfill first started attracting gas industry customers in 2011, and its drilling waste business has steadily increased since then, with new drilling waste customers taking advantage of the Wetzel County Landfill’s economic processing and disposal options.

With separate “in-bound and out-bound” electronic scales, and with an efficient administrative and operational staff, users of the landfill are in and out of the facility quickly, with no long delays, which can be a common problem at other landfills.More importantly, drilling waste customers can bring both wet and dry drilling waste to the Wetzel County Landfill.Dry drilling waste is immediately disposed of without any processing, and the wet drilling waste is taken to an on-site 240,000 square foot processing building where it is dried/stabilized before being disposed of in a landfill cell.

“Being able to handle both dry and wet drilling waste is a very attractive facility feature to our gas industry customers,” said Director of Engineering, Ryan K. Inch, P.E., “and they are happy to have a primary disposal facility with an approved dedicated disposal cell for drilling waste in such close proximity to their business operations,” added Inch.

The Wetzel County Landfill is one of only ten non-public DEP-permitted landfills in West Virginia; it has environmental control systems that exceed DEP regulations; it is situated in close proximity to major transportation corridors, businesses and industries; it is managed by a registered professional engineer; it is an industry leader in the processing and disposal of Marcellus/Utica Shale drilling waste; it has long-term disposal capacity available for all of its customers; and it provides economic and efficient disposal and processing services.

“Economic, efficient and environmentally sound long-term disposal is important to the regional municipalities, businesses and industries served by the Wetzel County Landfill, particularly the gas drilling industry, which has a very strong presence in our area,” said company President, Pat Mascaro.“Our facility in the northern panhandle region already serves West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania gas industry customers, and we look forward to our customer base growing in the future,” Mascaro added.

With long-term disposal capacity being critical to an integrated disposal company such as J. P. Mascaro & Sons that competes successfully with the national waste companies, Mascaro is well-positioned to serve its present and future customers for generations to come with its four company-related DEP-permitted landfills – the Pioneer Crossing Landfill in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the White Pines Landfill in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, the Wetzel County Landfill in Wetzel County, West Virginia, and the Brooke County Landfill in Brooke County, West Virginia – each of which has disposal capacity that will take the company into the next century, not to mention the long-term contractual disposal access Mascaro has with the Keystone Landfill in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area, which is one of the premier landfills in Pennsylvania.

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