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Wednesday, April 19, 2017



Dear Current and Future Customers:

My father, Joseph P. Mascaro, Sr., founded J. P. Mascaro & Sons about 50 years ago, and I have proudly served as company President since 1982.  My four brothers and I, and now the third generation of Mascaros, have taken what my father started, and with hard work and a commitment to customer service, have grown our privately-owned company into one that is recognized as a solid waste industry leader.

With leadership comes responsibility.  We at J. P. Mascaro & Sons not only have a responsibility to our customers, our family members, our employees, and our home and business communities, but also we have the responsibility to operate and grow a “Sustainable” waste service business for future generations of Mascaro customers, while at the same time preserving and protecting the environment.  In other words, our business must be “Sustainable.”

J. P. Mascaro & Sons is committed to “Sustainability” as a desirable and achievable business goal, and our company has invested over $100 million in the integrated “Sustainable Waste Service System” Mascaro provides for its many regional municipal, commercial and industrial customers.

In our industry, a “Sustainable Waste Service System” is one that maintains and sustains itself over time by taking into account and balancing the three important components of “Sustainability” – economic growth, social progress and environmental protection – without doing damage to the environment.  

By operating three economically viable environmental facilities that are socially and environmentally committed to waste reduction, recycling, reuse and Green Energy production, Mascaro provides needed and affordable waste services to its many customers, while at the same time respecting and not damaging the environment.

The three key environmental facilities in Mascaro’s integrated “Sustainable Waste Service System” are TotalRecycle, a modern high-volume automated single stream recycling facility; A&M Composting, the largest indoor composting facility in Pennsylvania, which produces Class A exceptional quality compost; and the Pioneer Crossing Landfill, an engineered end disposal facility that provides Green Energy for offsite use.

You can get more information from a “Sustainability Report” and environmental facilities by clicking here

In closing, I want to personally thank all of our customers for the opportunity to serve them.


Pat Mascaro

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